Edgefield Meets with Great Gardens of America Alliance

Edgefield Meets with Great Gardens of America Alliance

Edgefield, represented by Henrietta Humphreys and Hal Irish, participated in the annual meeting of the Great Gardens of America Alliance held at Magnolia Gardens this past weekend.  Representatives of many gardens came from Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina.  The purpose of the Alliance is to preserve, protect and defend old camellias and azaleas from extinction.

Participants in the Alliance represent some of the major gardens of the Southeast and include many of the larger holdings of camellias and azaleas in America.  They have individually and collectively inventoried and recorded many of the old and historic camellias and azaleas in their respective locales, so that if such devastations such as Hurricanes Hugo and Katrina  or real estate development occur, there will be  plants  in non-affected gardens which will preserve the species.  Besides attendees reporting on activities in their respective  locales camellia cuttings and plants were exchanged.

In February 2013 the Edgefield Camellia Club is sponsoring a visit to Magnolia Gardens with a private tour of the gardens.  Those interested in participating in this trip should contact Henrietta Humphreys at 803.637.2370.


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  1. Lady N. Hodges   August 9, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Camellia and Azalea Lovers in Edgefield South Carolina, indeed the entire state of SC, should be proud to have been represented by Henrietta Humphreys and Hal Irish at this most recent meeting. For our County to have become a part of this esteemed group of gardens is significant recognition of Edgefield’s place historically in the cultivation and propagation of the Camelllia. Ms. Humphreys and Mr. Irish have worked continuously and tirelessly to identify these beautiful flowers in our community and categorize them according to Camellia Society rules. Our small community is in quite good company indeed in the flower world, being the only entire incorporated community in America to be so identified, as I understand it. Hats off to these two individuals who have put Edgefield on the map in the Camellia world….