EFD Responds to Call at Nursing Home

EFD Responds to Call at Nursing Home

The Edgefield Fire Department responded to a fire call at Trinity Mission Health and Rehab of Edgefield, Tuesday, Mar. 7, a little before 4:30 in the afternoon.  According to Fire Chief Roger Ellis, it was determined that the motor on a heating and cooling unit shorted out causing smoke that triggered the facility’s alarms.  There was no actual fire caused from this event, however, and there was no structural damage.  However, there was heavy smoke.  The fire department used exhaust fans to draw the smoke from the building.

Residents on the wing where the unit is located were evacuated to the parking lot of the nursing home.  Many of those residents were bedridden, and Chief Ellis said of Trinity’s staff, “They did a great job in getting the people moved.”  The situation was quickly contained, and evacuated residents were back in their rooms in about 30-40 minutes.  After the situation was under control, one resident was transported to a nearby hospital for respiratory issues.  However, it was not certain if these issues were caused by this incident.

Johnston and Trenton Fire Departments responded to assist the EFD with this call.  Extra ambulances were also on site to assist as needed.  Fortunately, as Fire Chief Ellis said, “It looked a lot worse than it was.”

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