4 Way Stop Coming at Weaver and Bland Baptist

The Advertiser was notified by SCDOT that the intersection at Weaver Road and Bland Baptist Road is getting more stop signs as it is to become a 4-way stop effective Dec. 18.  That intersection is currently a 2-way stop.  This was described by a DOT official as a “big change for everyone”, and the agency hopes that by informing the public before the change takes effect that there will be no stop signs run as a result of this change.


“Lengthy Detour” from Bridge Closing at Hwy 283

As previously reported by the Advertiser, the bridge on Hwy 283 is currently closed for repairs.  This is not a bridge replacement, and as such, the bridge is only expected to be closed for about 90 days.  However, the public is being cautioned that the detour in place as a result of the bridge’s closing is quite “lengthy” as described by a SCDOT official.  This is due to the fact that the detour follows primary roads.  The detour is, in fact, 41 miles one way.  However, those familiar with the area might want to take side roads with which they are no doubt familiar and which could shorten the detour considerably.  The tentative re-open date for the bridge is Feb. 16, 2018.


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