2023 Rate Card – Beginning June 1

The Edgefield Advertiser is the oldest newspaper in South Carolina – continuously published since 1836.

This newspaper circulates through paid subscriptions, through the mail, as well as through placement in convenience stores and stands throughout our marketing area. That area runs (east-west) from Modoc to Monetta and (north-south) from Saluda to North Augusta. Our paper also travels throughout the state and nation. This newspaper circulates c.2200 plus newspapers each week.

The Edgefield Advertiser bills for display advertising at the rate of $9.00 per column inch. At times, throughout the year, special pricing is offered.

Single Sheet$75/1000
4 page tab$80/1000
8 page tab$85/1000
12 page tab$90/1000
16 page tab$95/1000
20 page tab$100/1000

The maximum size of inserts is 10 by 11 inches. The above rates are set for a 30-lb or less paperweight (contact the office for inserts printed on heavier paper stock).

Inserts may be mailed directly to printer for inserting: Information available through Advertiser office.


Legal ads run at a rate of 25 cents per word for ads running 3 times; A legal ad running only once will be charged Display rate of $9.00 a col. inch.

Classifieds run at $0.25 a word,

$5.00 minimum – paid in advance


2” x 2 columns $36
3” x 2 columns$54
4” x 2 columns $72
4” x 3 columns$108
5” x 2 columns$90
5” tall x 3 col. or 1/8 page$135
1/4 page (10.2“ tall x 3 col wi)$270
1/2 page (10.2“ tall x 6 col. wi) $540
1 page (20.4” tall x 6 col. wi)$1080

Color Ads: small ads up to and not including 1/2 page, add 15%; 1/2 to full page, add 10% 

The Advertiser hosts a Web site;

Make inquiries at

Send advertising copy to Sandra Reece:

117 Courthouse Square • PO Box 628 Edgefield, SC  29824 • Phone: 803•637•3540 • Fax: 803•637•0602 • Owner – Publisher: Suzanne Mims Derrick

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