First Dessert Theatre at Wardlaw Academy, October 12

First Dessert Theatre at Wardlaw Academy, October 12

Wardlaw Academy held their First Dessert Theatre on October 12 led by their  drama director, Mrs. Rebekah Robeson.  They  had 12 talented acts ranging from singing, clogging, electric guitar, violin, cheering, and acting. Pictured row 1 – Jayde Cullinan, Olyvia Wall, Mira McClendon, Nathalie Dorn, Charlotte Grace Culver, Sarah Kate Covar; row 2 – Kate Griffith, Jeniya Long, Haleigh Smart, Kya McCormick, Dylan Buck, Kellie Winn, Lainey Jainniney, Isaac Whatley, […]

Cooper Flips on Moratorium

 May 26, 2021 By Arthur Northrop  This reporter often relies on Edgefield County Government’s official video recordings of County Council and other Commission meetings posted on its YouTube channel to provide coverage for our readers. The video of County Council’s May 4th meeting did not include the first part of the Councils official business. Thanks to Megan Pearson, a concerned and involved […]

Planning Commission Recommends Scratching LMO

April 28, 2021   By Arthur Northrop  Note to readers: This article was written from watching the Planning Commission’s April 14, 2021 recorded meeting on posted YouTube.  ​The Edgefield County Planning Commission voted unanimously to discard the County’s existing LMO (Land Management Ordinance) and create a new one. In a prepared statement, Todd Brown, Commission member, said […]

County Council Unanimous in Support of Moratorium

Rethinks Action on Law Enforcement Center  April 21, 2021       By Arthur Northrop This article was written from viewing the digital recording of the Edgefield County Council meeting that took place on Tuesday, April 13. The video can be viewed on YouTube.  . ​County Council Chair Scott Cooper joined the rest of the […]

Mayor Durham Explains Opposition To Moratorium

April 14, 2021 By Arthur Northrop This article provides Ken Durham’s perspectives as a small town mayor and a private citizen on the moratorium on large residential developmentsin Edgefield County passed on first reading by the Edgefield County Council at its March 3, 2021 meeting.   ​“My position is I am against the moratorium,” said Ken Durham, […]

Timeline and Status of Edgefield County’s Comprehensive Plan, Land Management Ordinance, and the Ninety Day Moratorium on Large Developments

March 24,2021     In 2019 a change was made to Edgefield County’s Comprehensive Plan on its third reading. The change impacted zoning districts and led in part to smaller lot sizes in large subdivisions.  In 2020 a group of concerned citizens circulated a petition to change the Comprehensive Plan back to its wording on […]

Edgefield County’s Roads and the Transportation Committee’s Role in Maintaining

March 17, 2021 ​Sam Crouch, Chair, Roger Timpson, Vice-chair, Frank Davis, Willie Bright, and Jerry Bass are a few of the many Edgefield County residents that serve as volunteers on important boards and committees. These volunteers make decisions that impact our County’s residents’ lives. Crouch and the others serve on the Edgefield County Transportation Committee. During the interview, Crouch […]

Thornton Weighs in on LMO’s Business and Environmental Impacts

March 10, 2021   ​The Edgefield Advertiser recently interviewed George Thornton. Thornton has a strong commitment to Edgefield County and provided a couple of perspectives regarding the County’s future. The article is divided into two parts. In Part 1, Thornton weighs in on the impact of the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Megaevent Ordinance on […]

County Council Votes for Ninety Day Moratorium on Major Subdivisions

March 10, 2021    ​The Edgefield County Council voted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 to place a ninety-day moratorium on major subdivisions in Edgefield County. The original motion placed a moratorium on both major and minor subdivisions, but was amended to exclude the minor ones. “I need to put on the record,” said Tommy Paradise, […]

Hare Explains ECWSA’s Operations and Future Growth and Needs

March 3, 2021 By Arthur Northrop ​This article is a recap of an interview with John Hare, Edgefield County Water and Sewer Authority’s (ECWSA) Administrator. Hare provided an overview of ECWSA’s structure and operations as well as the challenges facing Edgefield County in the future. The article is divided into three parts: Part 1, Operations […]

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