Timeline and Status of Edgefield County’s Comprehensive Plan, Land Management Ordinance, and the Ninety Day Moratorium on Large Developments

March 24,2021    

In 2019 a change was made to Edgefield County’s Comprehensive Plan on its third reading. The change impacted zoning districts and led in part to smaller lot sizes in large subdivisions. 

In 2020 a group of concerned citizens circulated a petition to change the Comprehensive Plan back to its wording on its second reading. In February of 2021, a large number of Edgefield County’s residents attended a public forum to voice concerns over the writing and development of the County’s Land Management Ordinance or LMO. 

At its March 2021 meeting, the Edgefield County Council passed a ninety-day moratorium on large residential developments on a first reading. The moratorium went into effect on March 18, 2021. There will be a public hearing regarding the moratorium at the Council’s April 13, 2021 meeting. If the moratorium passes on its third reading, the 90-day clock officially starts. However, state law allows the moratorium to begin when it is legally advertised, as it was on March 18 before the 90 days begins.

The County Council will vote on the moratorium two more times for a total of three readings. The County Council also voted at its March meeting to have the Planning Commission make a recommendation to return the Comprehensive Plan back to its original wording in its second reading. 

The Planning Commission voted 6-0 (One member was absent) for that change in its March 2021 meeting. The Council will vote in April to change wording of the County’s Comprehensive Plan to what it was on its second reading. The wording change will require the Council to vote for the change for three readings at its April, May, and June meetings.

In the near future, County property owners will receive a post card detailing how to get information about the County’s LMO and on when small meetings are to be held provide for additional public input.