The Edgefield Advertiser is the oldest newspaper in South Carolina, by virtue of the fact of never ceasing to publish and never changing its legal identity since its founding in 1836.  Since 2003, this newspaper has sought to write the stories of the people of the area it serves, “a first draft of history” according to a famous journalist, always seeking to create an unbiased platform for the entire readership to use for grievances, for applauding good deeds, for criticisms and for conveying expectations of their local communities.


Suzanne Gile Mims Derrick, Owner, Publisher & Editor — suzanne@edgefieldadvertiser.com

Sandra Reece-
Managing Editor in charge of Obits, Advertising and Accounts Receivable;
Arthur Northrop – Writer, Education Desk Editor, arthur@edgefieldadvertiser.com
Tiffani Ireland, Reporter — tkisilver@bellsouth.net
Jack Reece, Sports Editor, Writer/Photographer

Kate Lowish, Graphic Artist —kate@edgefieldadvertiser.com

Butler Derrick III, Assistant to Editor

Scott Wherry, Advisor

Sigrid Fowler, Guest Columnist

Jack Reece, Sports Columnist

Becky Turner, Columnist (Cook’s Corner)

Hattie Watson, Garden Columnist

Kim Walker, Columnist (Donkey Lore)

Olin Berry, Local Weather

Gerald Doolittle, Sports Reporter

Bob Edmonds, Book Review

Jonathan Corchado, Website Manager

Community Correspondents:

Ethel Butler, Bettis Academy

Juliette Byrd, Down Jacob McKie Road

Sadie Davis, Ward News

Mary Anne Hair, Johnston News

Linda Nidiffer, Mount Vintage Grapevine

Dolly Padgett, Antioch News

Joanne Painter, Up Meeting Street and ‘Round About

Modena Stevens, China Grove News & Moores in Motion

Jeanne Loar, West Side Story

Alleen Miller, Colliers News

Josie Rodgers, Ridge Spring News

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