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3 Responses to "News Tips"

  1. T. Burrell   May 3, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Rev Bennie R Mitchell, Jr out of Savannah Georgia was born and raised in Edgefield S. Carolina.

    I think it would be worth doing a little research on Bennie Mitchell, Jr. on a few of his contributions and he made.

  2. Concerned FCI EDGEFIELD Visitors   November 20, 2019 at 7:13 am

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I would like to use this forum to bring to light the unjust behavior from the staff at the Federal Correction Institution in Edgefield this past Saturday (November 16th). In the past couple of months, FCI Edgefield staff has enhanced the level of searches or pat downs for all visitors. It is known that the institution does not have a warden and it seems as new rules are just being implemented “on the fly”. New rules range from, no white shirts for women, no underwires underwear to now vehicle searches.

    This past Saturday prior to allowing the families to enter the institution parking lot, staff performed vehicle searches without providing a written consent form to the families. The mere intimidation of an officer holding an AK-47 weapon next to your car makes you relinquish control of your vehicle in order to see your loved one. During the 20 minute car search, we saw elderlies and children having to stand in the cold weather while the searches were being performed. This new practice/behavior serves to discourage visiting as well as degrade and humiliate visitors whose only “crime” is having a relative in prison. How can generalized suspicion be enough for the BOP allow prison officials to perform vehicle searches? They should have reasonable cause to believe that contraband would actually be concealed in the individuals vehicle or person to decide to search. As a result of our loved ones being incarcerated, we understand the scrutiny this process entails but physical proximity or association with other people suspected of smuggling activity does not provide an independent basis for a vehicle search.

    While the BOP prides its self in acknowledging the importance of visitations as it relates to lowering recidivism, these new practices at FCI Edgefield discourages visitors. For every prisoner and the relative, visiting is an issue of paramount importance. Visitation allows the channels of communication between our families to remain open. Although inmates are allowed to write daily emails or calls, these forms of communication are very costly. Therefore limiting access to only the ones that can afford it.

    Many families plan and save for weekend trips to see their loved ones and upon arriving to the institution be subjected to these new practices it is very disconcerting and being treated with such scrutiny in retaliation for the prisoners activities also violate the fourth amendment.

    We would appreciate your assistance bringing this issue to light and our voices heard. We hope that the new warden that has been assigned, brings consistency to the institution and that not only the visitors be held to high standards but also the staff.

    I would like to remain anonymous to avoid any retaliation against my loved one.

    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

    Concerned FCI EDGEFIELD Visitor.

  3. Tony   September 15, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    Is it legal to place campaign signs on public school property in Edgefield County? There are campaign signs at Merriwether Middle School and Elementary School as well as in front of the Merriwether fire station.


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