Incident on School Bus Spills Over at Bus Stop

Incident on School Bus Spills Over at Bus Stop

Unloaded Pellet Gun Brandished

             A fight between two juveniles on a school bus Feb. 20 spilled over to a bus stop according to a spokesperson with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office who spoke to the Advertiser.  According to the ECSO, two male Merriwether Middle School children got into a fight on the school bus.  When the bus stopped to let one of the boys off at his residence, the other child got off the bus, too.  The boy who lived at the home then went inside his house and returned with what appeared to be a gun.  The other boy then got back on the school bus, and the bus left the scene.

Authorities were contacted, and it was learned that the gun was actually an unloaded pellet gun.  The ECSO noted that there was never any threat posed to or at the school.

Both boys involved in this incident are being charged with Interfering with the Operation of a School Bus.  Other charges may also be forthcoming.  The Advertiser was unable to confirm what steps, if any, the school will be taking regarding this matter.  However, we will continue to follow this story.



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