Strom Thurmond High Students Hold Walking-Out-of-Class Protest

Strom Thurmond High Students Hold Walking-Out-of-Class Protest


The following information was given in response to The Edgefield Advertiser’s question to Edgefield County School officials today, Wednesday, March 14: How did Strom Thurmond High School students respond to the national movement to demonstrate in a 17-minute protest against recent gun violence in a Florida school?

In response it was noted that “approximately 200 students participated in the Walking Out of Class protest on March 14, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. STHS and STCTC Administration handled the event in a positive and peaceful manner and honored the students’ rights provided through appropriate laws and policies.”

Officials explained that students participating were directed to school cafeteria and gym where they assembled for seventeen minutes (One minute for each student slain in Parkland Florida).

A final commentary: “All students behaved in mature manner and returned to class without incident.”

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