Johnston & Edgefield Town Elections Results

Johnston & Edgefield Town Elections Results

Both Mayors return as winners: Johnston’s Mayor Culbreath received 370 votes, Richard Deese 229.  Edgefield’s Mayor Durham was unopposed and got 79 votes.

Ward 2 has a new Councilman—Emmanuel Gilchrist — unopposed, with 100 votes. Tommy Burton, imcumbent, returns as Councilman from Ward 4 with 92 votes; Tracy Hamilton, his opposition, received 46.

In Edgefield: Sherry Holmes is the new Councilwoman for Ward I with 23 votes over Gloria Bynum’s 7.  Rodgers had no opposition and returns to Council (Ward 5) with 8 votes.  Bill Jackson lost to Scott Mims in Ward 3 with Jackson 3, Mims 24.

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