Peach Blossom Pageant Chooses Queens

Peach Blossom Pageant Chooses Queens

Left to right: Logan Timmerman, Carrie Ann Yonce, Winner Miss Hattie-Grace Summers, and Addy Grace Dukes

The Johnston Peach Blossom Festival began it’s 2018 season by holding the Miss Peach Blossom beauty pageant on Saturday, April 7th at the Johnston Elementary School Gymnasium.  The Johnston Peach Blossom Festival is sponsored by the Johnston Development Board, along with the pageant directors Gina Logue and Janice Cleveland.


0-11 mo.: 2nd runner up – Myla Rodgers, 1st runner up – Hannah Grace Moon – Miss Peach Blossom – Charley Derrick from Ridge Spring; 1 Year – : 1st runner up – Skylar Shamble, Winner – Tinslee Carter from Granitville; 2 Years -: 1st runner up – Gracelyn Dominick – Miss Peach Blossom – Emoree-Joy Donlon from Edgefield; 3-4 Years – : 2nd runner up – Autumn Chapman, 1st runner up – Jenesis Brown – Miss Peach Blossom – Juliann Edwards; 5-6 Years – Miss Peach Blossom – Lynzie Morgan from Edgefield; 7-8 Years –  : 2nd runner up – Kinsley Simons, 1st runner up – Kennedy Moore – Miss Peach Blossom – Sophie Ergle from Saluda; 9-10 Miss Peach Blossom – Madison Brown from Saluda; 11-12 Years -2nd runner up –Karsyn Newbegin, 1st runner up – Taylor Rinehart, – Miss Peach Blossom – Addy Grace Dukes from Saluda; 13-14 Years – 2nd runner up – Madison Harter, 1st runner up – Logan Gunter – Miss Peach Blossom – Logan Timmerman from Aiken; 15-16 Years – 3rd runner up – Kaylie Davenport, 2nd runner up – Lillian Mann, 1st runner up – Katelyn Powell – Miss Peach Blossom – Carrie Ann Yonce from Ridge Spring17-20 Years -2nd runner up –Sarah-Beth Sheridan, 1st runner up – Caleigh Woovis; Hattie-Grace Summers from Leesville was crowned Miss Peach Blossom and the recipient of a $500 scholarship.

The winners of each division will be riding on a float in the Johnston Peach Blossom parade on May 5th at 10:00 a.m.

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