Notables Arrive in Edgefield for Conference

Notables Arrive in Edgefield for Conference

By Martha MacDonald

Tom McKinny, Aaron Cross, Martha and Chris Simmons. 

On March 6, the National Wild Turkey Federation facilitated a fundraising Sporting Clay event at the Palmetto Range in Edgefield. The event was to raise money for the International Wildlife Crime Stoppers (IWC) and the SC Department of Natural Resources. The goal is to finance the purchase of a Wall of Shame trailer.  Game officers are also police officers and the trailer will show the photos of violators successfully prosecuted for killing wildlife illegally. The trailer will be brought to fairs, schools and other public events to educate the public, The goal is to have Wall of Shame trailers in every state.

Teams came from Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and as far away as Maine.  Many stopped in the Carolina Moon Distillery to visit and taste. OLD Tom Whiskey was the favorite beverage with the turkey on the label. The three men in the photo are stars of Animal Planet’s North Woods Law, filmed in Maine.  They enjoyed their experience and report that Southern Hospitality is alive and well in Edgefield.

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