COVID Testing Site Numbers

COVID Testing Site Numbers

​Since the beginning of August, Edgefield County has bad regular COVID-19 testing occurring throughout the county.  Emergency Management Director Suzy Spurgeon provided a breakdown of the numbers from those testing sites for the Advertiser.  

​On Aug. 15, 2020, COVID testing was held at the Edgefield campus of Piedmont Technical College.  During that testing, 147 people were tested and 15 positive cases resulted.  The following week, on the 12th, a testing was held at the former Satcher building in Johnston where 132 people were tested.  There 16 people tested positive for the virus.  On the 19th, testing was conducted at Sweetwater Baptist Church.  There, 4 of 62 people tested were positive.  On Aug. 28, 47 people were tested at the Bettis Academy testing site.  Of those, 4 tested positive for COVID.  September 1, 2020, testing was conducted at the Neighborhood Center in Edgefield.  Twelve people were tested at this location and 1 of those resulted in a positive test.  Last week, on the 8th, a testing was held at the Johnston American Legion Post #154.  At this testing site, 25 people were tested; however NONE of those tested came back as positive for COVID-19.  

​It is important to note, that, except for the testing conducted at the former Satcher building, it has not been determined how many of those who tested positive at these testing sites were actually Edgefield County residents.  It is known, according to Spurgeon, that of the 16 who tested positive at the Satchertesting, only 6 were from Edgefield County.

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