African-American History Month in Edgefield

African-American History Month in Edgefield

“The history of the black community of Edgefield is an important and compelling story, yet few people know what happened here over the years,” says Willie Bright, President of the Edgefield County Community Center. To help bring this story to light, Mr. Bright will be presenting a series of events during African-American History Month, each one highlighting a different episode in the chronicle of Edgefield blacks.

The first three events have been covered by The Edgefield Advertiser and can be found online. They were held on Saturdays. 4, 11 and 18.

Saturday, February 25th: Series Coordinator Willie Bright will lead a warm remembrance of the old days on Macedonia Street, once the main thoroughfare of Edgefield’s black community. Members of the audience will be invited to share their stories. Mrs. Vivian Green Floyd will be honored as the last person from the old days still residing on Macedonia. The meeting will be rich in stories of still-vibrant African-American traditions.

Each Saturday, a different book about blacks in Edgefield history will be given away as a door prize. At the end of every program, speakers will be available to sign their books, which will be on sale. Light refreshments will be served.

 Come fellowship with your neighbors and learn about the remarkable history of Edgefield’s African-American community!