Letter to the Editor – Black History

Dear Ms. Mims,

I would like to express my gratitude to the folks who helped with our recent series on Black history held at the Macedonia Community Center.   African-American month has never been so well honored in Edgefield as it was this past month.   There are many who helped make these programs a success but I would especially like to thank the following people:

Tricia Glenn, Leonard Todd, Wayne O’Bryant and Gloria Lucas for their informative and honest presentations.

Glenn Zimmerman for the use of his sound system.

The Town of Edgefield for supplying the food on Saturday 25th, 2012.

And last but not least, the Edgefield Advertiser for its help in promoting the series and for the wonderful coverage each session was given.

For those of us who have struggled to get our Community Center fixed up and operating again, it was very gratifying to see the large turn outs.  There is a growing interest in our community to learn the truth about our past; therefore, we plan on repeating the program during next year’s African-American month.

With heartfelt appreciation.

Willie Bright