Retired Chief Magistrate Running for Sheriff

Retired Chief Magistrate Running for Sheriff
Retired Chief Magistrate Running for Sheriff

Today, March 1, 2012, Davis Rhett Parkman made his announcement to run for Sheriff of Edgefield County. A lifetime resident of Johnston, Mr. Parkman stated that “with 17 years of service on the Johnston Town Council and 18 years as Magistrate, I feel I have a great deal of experience to offer the county in my bid for Sheriff.”

As Councilman he served as chair for the police committee. He says that in his work he has been a part of all facets of law enforcement, especially as magistrate in a “central court.”  He noted that, as far as he knew, Edgefield County is the only one that does not have a Municipal Judge.  Consequently, Magistrate court, takes care of all law matters – Wildlife, SLED, Transport Police, and Town Police, among them. He chuckled with this retort: “I’ve always said we dealt with everything from seatbelts to murder.”

Parkman left his hometown to go to college and later enlisted in the US Army reserve, for six years: “When I returned to Johnston, I joined everything I could but the garden Club,” he says with a smile. “They (garden clubs) did not ask me; however, I did help Mrs. Mary Thurmond with the beautification of the county in the 80’s.”

Other memberships were in the Johnston Jaycees, American Legion Post, County Cattlemen Assoc., Edgefield Young Farmers, Edgefield Forestry Assoc. and thirty plus years with the Johnston Voluntary Fire Department, among others.

In his statement given to the press, Mr. Parkman said “there are items in the Sheriff’s budget in which savings could be possible.  The County of Edgefield has only one Highway Patrolman who is a resident of and works with the county.  With additional training, the road Deputy of the Sheriff’s Department could serve the citizens and make our roads safer.” His statement further notes that he will search for additional quality men and women to serve as reserve deputies to patrol roads and neighborhoods and “I will add one additional position to the Sheriff’s Department, which will be Chaplain.”

He commits, if elected, “to work closely with the Towns of Johnston, Edgefield and Trenton police chiefs as well as adjoining counties to control the unlawful drugs that plague our area.” He adds: “with a working knowledge of the Judicial System, I believe the jail occupation could be lessened on a daily basis, saving thousands of dollars to all citizens of Edgefield County.”

His statement also accounts for the qualifications for being Sheriff: “I truly believe I am qualified, and I do truly desire to be your Sheriff. . . I meet all requirements and have served as a summary court judge for at least ten years as mandatory in the guidelines.”

And to prove his commitment to economy, he offers to save the county money by accepting $25,000.00 less in sheriff’s salary, in the first term.  “To make only one promise – to serve and protect to the best of my ability.

Parkman is married to the former Tara Eaton, who has retired from the public school system as a school nurse, and is continuing in association with the Alternative School in Johnston. They have a son Rhett Jennings Parkman who lives in Johnston.

Mr. Parkman makes available the following information if anyone wishes to get in touch with him: mailing address is P.O. Box 507, Johnston 29832, and cell phone is 803-480-0928.


Update: The original posting of this article contained only the first paragraph. Now with full text.