County Council Meets with Planning Commission

County Council Meets with Planning Commission

This report is from Chairman Dean Campbell, of the County Council, on the subject of a meeting of the Council with the Planning Commission to bring the two groups together on “Direction the County is going.”


On April 25, the County Council and the Planning Commission held a joint meeting to discuss an “action agenda” for the coming year. It’s the first time the two groups have had a joint meeting to ensure the Planning Commission is on the same page as the County Council.

It was a great meeting, and gave each group a better understanding on the direction the County is going.

We discussed how the Planning Commission will play an important role in the success of the County. In addition, we discussed the Planning Commission taking up the following 10 goals for 2012/2013:

1)      Establish a five-year Edgefield County Capital Improvement Project list

2)      Consider a highway access plan to limit the number of driveways on arterial and collector roads (roads that have heavy traffic)

3)      Evaluate the creation of an overlay district for all major roadways in Edgefield County

4)      Develop a rails to trails master plan

5)      Update the current cell tower regulations

6)      Determine the current extent of broadband and cellular coverage in the County

7)      Review and update the Land Development standards

8)      Determine if the County should establish one or more Tax Increment Finance areas

9)      Conduct traffic surveys to identify trends in traffic patterns to best plan for future traffic arteries and connectors

10)   Add Edgefield County Water and Sewer standards and regulations into the Land Development standards and Subdivision regulations

Once they finish each piece, it will come to Council for consideration. All the goals come from the Edgefield County Strategic Plan.