Peach Blossom Festival Heralds Peach Season

Peach Blossom Festival Heralds Peach Season
County Councilwoman Genia Blackwell dropped by the Advertiser tent fresh from her parade route tour in which she and a few fellow Council members threw out candy to the waiting crowds. How was she not as windblown as the rest of us?

It was a beautiful day for the Johnston Peach Blossom Festival.  Although the peach blossoms came early this year and showed gloriously in late February and early March, they appeared only in print or in paintings.  However, peaches were actually being shipped from the packing sheds.  Proof of this was a long truck loaded with peaches and headed out of Johnston on Friday afternoon, before the street dance of that evening.

Peaches, the inspiration for the festival, are being harvested now and will soon be found in the grocery stores and in the stands.

Johnston was alive and well – pretty and cleaned up through a citizen program for getting their town ready – as visitors poured in for the day.  The festival opened at 9:00 a.m., the parade followed at 11:00, and there was music and entertainment until 4:00.

As usual the politicians were plentiful as were the representatives of the Johnston Development Board which sponsors the event.

The festival is an opportunity for folks to return home for a visit, for vendors to show their wares, and for children to experience their hometown at its most exciting.

Angela Anderson and Josephine Ramsey came to The Advertiser’s rescue Saturday at the Peach Blossom Festival as the whipping wind tried to carry off our tent! No damage was done, and thanks to these two ladies, we were able to enjoy our shelter for the duration of the parade.


Cindy Ellis and grandson, Mason, enjoyed the parade beside the Advertiser tent at Saturday’s Peach Blossom Festival in Johnston. Mason, the nearly 2-year-old son of Chad Ellis, just became a big brother; his sister, Maddie, was born a week ago. Next year we expect to see them both at the parade!




Peach Blossoms
The orchard across from Strom Thurmond High School.