A Mere 1% Vote in Primary

A Mere 1% Vote in Primary

Doyle Gets 167; Gaither, 69


If we consider the total number of registered voters– the possible number (15,863) coming to vote (never happened) in any election – and the number of voters who actually voted in the June 12 Primary (236) here in Edgefield County, the total in the Primary was one percent of  those possibilities.

It was, after all, the shortest ballot known to many; only two Democrats were on the ballot, who were vying to be the nominee in the General Election of November, 2012. The rest of the possibilities in other races were kicked from the ballot by the recent ballot controversy.

The results of the June 12 race in this county are: Bryan Doyle 167, Cason Gaither 69. Doyle received 70.76 % of the votes cast that day.

All precincts were open and there were voters appearing at every one.  The largest number to appear was at the Trenton box with 51 voters.  The smallest number was Northside precinct with 9 votes. However, considering at Northside there are only 430 registered, and there are 2692 registered at Trenton, the turnout at Northside was larger.