Edgefield Town Council

Edgefield Town Council
Mayor Ken Durham, joined by Councilman John Ellis, presents plaque to Greg Anderson (center) in appreciation of his service to Edgefield as the City Attorney.

The Mayor and Council presented City Attorney Greg Anderson a plaque in appreciation of his years of service to the Town of Edgefield.  Mr. Anderson has been selected for the position of Superintendent of Education for the Edgefield County Schools and will be putting his legal practice aside during his tenure as the chief education officer for the county.

In other business Council voted to contribute $650 to the Women in Unity Summer Program and to allow The Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society to block part of The Square for a “Block Party” on September 28.

Council unanimously adopted Ordinance No. 2012-01, FY2012-13 Town Budget.

After some discussion of what descriptive verbiage should be affixed to the new town welcome signs Council tabled any further action until the next meeting in order to solicit further input from citizens of the town.

Councilman Yarborough reported 7 fire calls and 3 fire drills for the month.  The mayor will begin search for a city attorney by advertising the position in the paper.  Mayor Pro Tem John Ellis nominated Councilman Bill Jackson for the position of Mayor Pro Tem and Council voted to have Councilman Jackson serve in subject capacity.

Mayor Durham reported that during the month of May, 232 visitors and researchers signed the guest registry at the Tompkins Library.  Of this 232, 80 were from Edgefield County, 78 were from other counties in South Carolina, 72 were from 18 other states (GA, NC, FL, MD, TX, NY, PA, OH, UT, WY, MS, MI, NH, NJ, AR, AZ, DC and MD), and two were from foreign countries (Germany and Switzerland).  Councilman Rodgers noted that the need for RV hookups continue to grow along with the steady increase in visitors as evidenced by the data provided in regard to The Genealogical Society.

The Mayor then turned to the continuation of the Slade’s Lake Project advising Council that Senator Massey was prepared to assist in the acquisition of project funding and that a plan for a phased approach to the continued upgrade of the lake property would be submitted for the Senator’s consideration. Projects contained in the plan are to include a fountain and a pavilion.

There being no further business Council adjourned.