Smith Announces Possible New Direction for Campaign

As many of you know, I may eventually run as a petition candidate.  I fall into that “gray” area with others who are certified by their party but still may not follow the direct ruling of the Supreme Court.  I am now starting to take signatures for a petition run and will work at this until the beginning of July.

Before I submit my petition, I want to make sure that every avenue through litigation or any possible Supreme Court ruling will not be overturned.  Therefore, I will continue to run as a Republican and at the same time, collect signatures until my decision is made.  If there are no changes to the Supreme Court ruling, I will run as a Non-Party Candidate through my petition signatures.

There are some stipulations to signing the petition:

1)     You must live in District 1.  Please be reminded that district lines have changed.

2)     You must be an active voter that voted in the 2008 election.

I must obtain 5% of the active registered voters in District 1 by July 16th.  This is a goal that I believe will be very easy to reach.  With that said, please do not assume that your signature is not needed.

Your signature does not state you will vote for me.  It just simply states that you feel that I have the right to be placed on the ballot as a candidate.

The petition asks for your full name, address, voting precinct, voter registration number OR social security number, and signature.

If you are interested in contacting me to sign the petition, please either call me or send me an email.

I appreciate the support and look forward to moving our district forward.

William P. Smith
Edgefield County Council
District 1 Candidate