Suggested Resolution to the Ballot Snafu

Dear Editor:

As I have been following the snafu that has engulfed the SC 2012 elections, I believe that a fundamental change should be made in the election process.  It is unrealistic and unreasonable to expect party officials in our 46 counties to be well-versed in all the laws that govern our election process – particularly the registering of candidates for public office.

However, I think there exists a simple and cost-effective way to make the process work properly.  All of the counties in SC have a voter-registration office.  The SC Election Commission should train those officials to handle the qualifying of candidates for public office for all political parties.  Elections are a public function and can best be handled by a government agency.

I hope that a bill will be introduced into our legislature to accomplish this objective.  The citizens of SC deserve no less.

Roger Hill Timpson