Trenton’s Population Grows by Thousands

Trenton’s Population Grows by Thousands

All in the Day of The Ridge Peach Festival – 

The Trenton Ridge Peach Festival was as grand and fun as ever.  Every year it pulls thousands into the park there in Trenton and treats them to music, food, things to buy, and friends to see.  And one can also buy good peaches, have peach ice cream, and enjoy the works of numerous artists and artisans.

It has to be noted that the weather was beyond anyone’s request – cool enough for a wrap for some, early in the day.

One of Trenton’s notables among artisans is Ike Carpenter who was there in a period costume, working his wares (carvings from wood). Potters joined in the show as well.

Specialty items were everywhere, and one of the most fun were the wings, at a very low price, for children to wear.  There were a number of “angels” darting about on the festival grounds.  The bubble guns were also popular; children could aim their guns and spray bubbles all about.

People are also a great attraction – oh, the joy of people-watching.  And possibly every tenth one was someone the attendee knew.  So renewing old ties is a big attraction to this event.

On a poignant note, this was Mayor Helen Moss Summer’s last parade as mayor.  She as announced that she will not run again for office and so this was her “swan song” for Ridge Peach parades. “T’is the last!” (Sir Walter Scott)

On a lighter note, wasn’t the music good!  We understand they had some cancellations at the last minute, but the attendees did not suffer any quality lost.

How does such a small town like Trenton produce such a great event? That is a story for another day.

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