What You Missed. . .

If you do not subscribe to The Advertiser or pick up a copy at your local newsstand, these are just a few of the things you missed in this week’s print edition.

• Mrs. Hammant, who writes of her life in England, gives an up close and personal view of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Our “page three lady.”

•The young woman who never missed a day of school for 17 years, and words from her mother telling of her accomplishments.

• The new FPA of SC has named a doctor of the year and he was a minister in Edgefield at one time.

• Johnston Elementary students parading into the gymnasium as they celebrate the cultures of the world – a program ending their school year.

• The Clemson professor who has written about Edgefield and is now holding a new award from the University.

• View the players at work in rehearsal for Crimes of the Heart, to open this weekend at the Discovery Center.


• “Ridge Lines” tells the story of the empty chair seen in the picture of Ridge Spring-Monetta graduates on graduation day.

• Read about a “Mock Apple Pie” in Colliers News.


• “Cooks Corner” celebrates the new Palmetto Onion.  Learn about it from Becky’s discussion and recipes.


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