Police Wrangle Donkey and Goat – Police Win

Police Wrangle Donkey and Goat – Police Win

Police officers go to work every day not knowing the different dangers they may face, but on Thursday, July 12, officers with the Edgefield City Police Department were met with two unlikely foes; a donkey and a goat.

The show down did turn ugly as measures were taken to ensure the unlikely duo would not harm themselves nor the general public, but the officers prevailed.

According to the EPD, officers were trying to assist the owner of the pets as the aforementioned donkey was not keen on being loaded into a trailer.  In the ensuing commotion of trying to load said donkey, a lone goat — already on the trailer — made a daring escape to freedom.

At that point, things got pretty hairy for the officers and owner having two adversaries with which to contend instead of one.

The circus was finally halted when officers stunned the rogue goat with a taser gun in order to still it so that the owner could contain it.

No injury was reported from man or beast from this incident, and the Jeter/Bausket Street area is safe once more.