Rural Church Targeted by Thieves Twice

One would think that the sanctity and sacredness of a church would afford it some protection from crime but not so in our day and age as many churches across Edgefield County have come to realize. Red Oak Grove Baptist Church on the far west side of the county is but the latest in a string of rural churches to be targeted by thieves over the past year. Unfortunately, this church has been hit twice within a month by those looking for a quick way to make a small amount of money.

Earlier in June, the church’s air condition unit was destroyed by thieves who stole the unit’s cooper wiring. In the latest episode, a church member returned to the house of worship on Sunday afternoon, July 1, to find a black 4 door Dodge pick-up truck, possibly a 2000 model, with a large white dog on the property. While the parishioner did not see the driver, he did hear a man call for the dog, whom he addressed as Lola, to get in the truck. The truck then quickly left the scene.

The church member found that the door to the church’s fellowship hall had been pried open, but he was unable to determine if any thing was missing from the church at that time. The damage to the door is estimated to be about $200.

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this incident and asks anyone with information to call 637-5337.