Controversy Over Sign in Resident’s Yard

Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell you just how far a candidate will go to get a simple little sign of his opponent’s moved.  I was in the local pharmacy in Johnston on Saturday, July 28th checking out at the counter and Davis Parkman walked up to me and said, “I need to talk to you.”  I said, “About what?”  He said, “I am running for sheriff.” I said, “I know and I am supporting your opponent, our Sheriff Adell Dobey.”  He said, “That is what I want to talk to you about.”  I said, “I am for Adell as our Sheriff.”  He said, “You are breaking the town ordinance with your sign in your yard on the main street “ I said, “I have a tiny little sign that says Re-Elect Adell Dobey.”  He said it is against town rules.  You can not put a sign in a yard in the town limits now.”  I said, “I have never heard of such a thing.” I really thought he was being a bit insecure to think about his opponent’s friends and maybe just did not want me to be able to express myself in my own rented yard.  Then he said, “I have already reported you to the town clerk with your sign.”  I said, “Well, I will report myself to the Chief of Police and the police station now.”  I went around to the police station and Officer Lott was on duty, he knew of no such rule but said I needed to check back with Frances Quarles on Monday, I assured him that I would.  Then I went to Chief Chris Aston’s house and told him about this.  He was not familiar with any such rule stopping campaign small signs in individuals’ yards either but told me to check with town hall on Monday.  Today I checked with Clerk  Frances Quarles and she said there is a town rule that campaign signs can not be by the roadside in the town limits of Johnston and that included on private lawns until 60 days before the election.  She said I can put my sign up the first week in September.  I am a law abiding citizen so I will remove my sign from the road side of my lawn and place it on my porch railing now and then in September ask Adell’s son for an even larger sign for my lawn.  Adell did not put the sign in my yard, I asked his son for the sign two weeks ago and I got it and put it in my own rented yard.  Adell is a fine sheriff and I have supported him as sheriff when he was running years ago when he was a deputy running for sheriff and thank goodness enough good citizens have kept voting for him through the years and kept him in office He is the right man to lead our county in safety issues and protection.

Judy Gibson Holmes