Applause for Shut Down of Puppy Mill

Dear Editor:

I, like so many fellow animal lovers, was very happy to learn of the “shut down” of the puppy mill located here in Edgefield County. Our very capable Sheriff and his staff worked hand in hand with the United States Humane Society to make this happen and everyone deserves our congratulations and thanks.

It is also my understanding that this operation would not have been as successful without the courage and vital information provided to these organizations by Charlene “Charlie” Chappee of Charlie’s Angel’s Rescue.

Now, these animals will be well cared for and hopefully soon can all be adopted out to loving homes.  The HSUS has been the front runner in working to close down puppy mills all over our country.  Even a small donation can make a difference and will help HSUS realize its mission of eliminating these horrific places of animal cruelty and abuse towards many helpless animals.

Our hats off to all for a job well done and now the legal system must prevail so justice can be served.

Beth Byrd
Edgefield, SC