Historical Society to Place Marker at Darby Plantation

Historical Society to Place Marker at Darby Plantation

Bring Your Own Folding Chair for this outdoor event. 

Clarice Wise has fulfilled the legacy left to her by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Wise: that their home is a part of history, important local history, and must be kept for the citizens who own this history.  She has opened the doors more often than not, to allow organizations to enter and learn from stories of Darby.

Sunday, November 4, at 3:00 p.m., all members of the Edgefield County Historical Society, and the public, are invited to attend a meeting during which a marker will be unveiled, which denotes what the home has been in the history of this county and the state.

Ms. Wise has also stated that those attending will be invited for a “light Southern supper” following the formalities of the meeting.  This will be in the home.

Darby was placed on the National Register in 1972 and Bettis Rainsford, historian, will give the story of Darby at this special event. There will be a Re-enactment with black powder guns and a cannon.  At the beginning of the Civil War, when these guns and cannons opened fire in Charleston, it was said that they “could be heard at Darby Plantation.” It is Clarice’s wish that once again, on this Sunday, that the reverberations will be heard afar – this time in Charleston.

Darby Plantation is located on Hwy. 25, south from Edgefield, in Trenton, S.C.


Reporting of the event: A Cannon Fires: a Marker is Unveiled