Letter of Thanks for Support of OEDGS Seminar

Dear Editor:

I’d like to extend my sincere “thank you” to the citizens and businesses of Edgefield, for their help and support of the Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society’s seminar on September 28th and 29th..

The dinner, music and re-enactment in the square, Friday evening, were the “icing on the cake” of the seminar!  Thank you, City Council, for making that possible!

OEDGS and its sister organization, OEDAAGS, successfully brought together 116 people, from all walks of life, who share a common interest in genealogy and have “roots” in Edgefield.  For two days, attendees got to meet old friends, make new ones, research our families, learn how to improve our research, hear about the history of the area, and visit sites of interest!

The Tompkins Library is a real asset for Edgefield;  and, the town and her citizens are proof-positive that Southern Hospitality is “alive and well” today!  Thank you for a memorable two days in Edgefield; and, congratulations on a job well-done!

Carol S. Thompson
President and Newsletter Editor, Savannah Area Genealogical Association- Savannah, GA