Loss of Dr. W. G. Watson

Dear Editor:

I was sad to learn of the death or Dr. W.G.  Watson who  died on Wednesday, October 31, at 102 years old. I kept seeing him a couple of times as my doctor when he was 100. Our children Scott and Jane are both “Watson babies.”  I will never forget him visiting me at our house after I went home from the hospital a couple of  weeks after our first child was born.  In those days, mothers were kept in the hospital for almost a  week.  That has really changed. Of course, son Scott managed not to be a New Years’ baby or a  tax deduction since he born on January 5, 1964! We were afraid we were going to be snowed in and bridges would be iced over on December 31 so we spent the night at the motel then across the street from the old University Hospital.  To no avail, I might add.  Anyway, we are very thankful for Scott regardless. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and is now the Director of  Parks, Recreation and Tourism in Newberry, S.C.,  where he and wife Jody live with their five children: Brook, Joshua, Bremen, Shield, and Bethany.

 Anne and Gene Sawyer
of the Merriwether District of Edgefield County