The Johnston Tree Lighting Features Santa and a Cake

The Johnston Tree Lighting Features Santa and a Cake

At 6:00 p.m., Monday evening, Johnston began the traditional tree-lighting program that sparkled with the excitement of young voices and the sentiment of Christmas long ago.

Among the special parts to the program were: carols sung by a quartet from the Johnston Baptist Church; the presentation and performance of the Johnston Elementary chorus; a visit by Santa and with Dean Campbell joining him in some fun, and a surprise birthday cake for the Mayor who had a birthday on Sunday.  It was a full evening with a good attendance from throughout the communities of Johnston.

The holiday music bound the audience together and Campbell and Santa gave some interesting moments for laughter.  Santa coming on the scene, and noticing his “sidekick” Campbell, made a comment (not heard); and Campbell answering, “So you are the hairy one and I am hairless.” They were playful in their remarks with one another until the tree lights came on, turned on by some of the specially chosen students from JES.

And with the lights came snow, and the white stuff brought shouts of glee as children ran under the snow machine to catch flakes on their heads and hands.

All the while, Donna Livingston of the chamber was readying for the moment when she could come out with a big birthday cake, as a climactic event, to wish her husband, Mayor Livingston, a “happy birthday.”

All in all it was a fun evening.  The weather was just cold enough, but no rain.  And Santa drifted off to other appearances, getting ready for the big one in 29 days.