A “Living Tree” at Philippi – What is it?

Philippi Baptist Church, one of the older churches in Edgefield County, is “resurrecting” a tradition they observed some years ago, when their choir was very large.  They are offering again to the public a “Living Tree” with music.

In years past they had 20 or more in their choir, the number it takes to form a Living Tree.  With that starting point, they set aside two days of building to create a tree, into which the choir could stand.  (Now you may be getting the picture.)  The choir would be on several tiers, the bottom tier the longest; the top tier the shortest.  And from there the choir would sing.

In order for the tree to have the look of a tree, they put up chicken wire on a tree shaped form, in front of the tiers, and, this year, they are putting Leyland cypress boughs to cover the wire.  Add lights and bows and the end result is a tree formed around a choir.

It has been some years since Philippi has had 20 or more in the choir, and this year they do.  They have been practicing a cantata to present from this beautiful staging—“Silent Night, Holy Night” is the name of the cantata.

With the fresh green boughs and bows and the live music and voices, everything comes together into a “Living Tree.”

The church is offering this special Christmas program for the community as well as their congregation.  They will present this program on December 9 at 6:00 p.m., and again on Monday, Dec. 10, at 7:00 p.m.

A nursery will be provided.  The address is 125 Steeple Dr., Johnston, S.C. (off Hwy. 191).