Childish or Churlish?

By Linda Nidiffer –

In December we expect our children our children to be especially child like:  full of wonder and joy, wild with anticipation and bedazzled by the out of control commercialism of our times.  Homework and chores are the last things on their minds.  Let’s face it kids sometimes turn into quarrelsome, tedious, bratty little monsters waiting for the bounty of Christmas.  But, they are children; their age explains their behavior.

So what explains Mr. Dorn’s behavior that I witnessed at the last County Council meeting?  He was belligerent, rude and disrespectful to other members of the council and to the council president.  He has not done his homework (like a kid before Christmas) because he has no idea what “point of order” means.  It means that once again, Mr. Dorn you have wandered off the topic that is being discussed and someone is telling you to get back on topic.  If he would speak clearly and concisely and on topic there would be no point of order, but wait a minute, isn’t it his job to know the rules by which the council operates?  He should; he has been a councilman long enough. Thinking about longevity, maybe that does explain his behavior; maybe he is in his second childhood.  Maybe the people who put him in office should be having a talk with him like a parent would talk with a child who does not behave in church.  Then again, maybe they think his behavior is as precious as he is.