Celebration Marking WIU New Location Postponed

No Date Yet for New Center’s Opening – 

A new center to house the Women in Unity’s after school program was set to open this weekend amid great fanfare, but, alas, that opening has been postponed.  According to WIU Director, Mrs. Essie Nicholson, the remodeling being done to the building has not been completed.  “We are not up to par where we want to be,” said Mrs. Nicholson in an interview with The Advertiser on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

The building, located at 3 Pecan Park in Edgefield, was receiving a face-lift of sorts to make it ready for the children.  However, the painting and additions are a little behind schedule.  While a date to mark the new center’s opening has yet to be set, Mrs. Nicholson is hopeful the center will open in the near future.

According to Mrs. Nicholson, the center’s new location will serve as a homework center for children.  Currently WIU operates out of a small home on Glover St. offering this after school program Mon.-Thurs. from 2-5:30.  When the new center opens, WIU hopes to expand this program to Mon.-Fri.

The current postponement is not the only hurdle WIU has faced with opening the new center.  The new location was recently broken into and 2 televisions were stolen.  The program’s current location has been broken into twice.  In addition to these crimes, WIU is still in need of money to cover the purchase of tables and chairs for the new center.  However, Mrs. Nicholson is not deterred nor worried about the center’s future.  “We are almost there, but not quite,” she said.

Anyone looking to make contributions to the WIU project may send donations to the group’s 3 Pecan Park location or contact the organization at 637-2010.  Those seeking to be a part of the after school program are encouraged to contact the group for an application.