Johnston Town Council

Johnston Town Council

Mayor Andy Livingston introduced the Peach Exchange Committee:  The members are Mrs. Artie Emanuel, Mrs. Darlene Smith, Mr. John Edwards, Mrs. Kaye Campbell, Mrs. Annette Holloway, Mr. Willie Campbell and Committee Chairperson Donna Livingston.  The Mayor emphasized the importance of the decisions that this organization will be making as they select the next Johnston Citizen to join the previous selectees on the wall of the Peach Exchange.

Ms. Marcella Edwards of the Edgefield County Youth Empowerment Center presented a synopsis of the program being offered by subject non-profit organization.  As she had stated earlier Ms Edwards is of the opinion that there is nothing for young people to do in Edgefield County and she wants funding from the municipalities to provide for the needs of the county’s youth.  According to Ms. Edwards the towns can save money by investing in its youth because it is cheaper to fund her program than to incarcerate them.  Mayor Livingston thanked Ms. Edwards for her effort and advised her that “everything council invests in is for the good of the town.”  He also tasked her to bring a copy of her non-profit designation and a short, concise proposal for use of any funds that might be provided by the town to Council for consideration during budget development.

Councilman Stone advised his peers that he had received some concerns from his constituents in regard to trash cart conditions and the delay in removal of yard debris from curbs.  Mayor Livingston stated that the guys are working steadily to keep up and Councilman Nicholson reported that the town’s equipment was in good shape now.  Councilman Stone stated that he wanted to make sure Council was doing all it could to meet the needs of the citizens and would advise his constituents that the town is in fact doing that.  The town does provide for cart repair, however carts that are beyond saving become the responsibility of the citizen to replace.

Council then heard from Strom Thurmond High School Future Farmers of America sponsor Darla Steele.  Ms. Steele made a presentation in regard to streetscape beautification.  After lengthy discussion Council voted to fund the upgrade of the 400 and 600 blocks of the town streetscape utilizing the proposal made by the FFA sponsor.  The Highway 23 monument was also discussed.  Councilman Burton asked the Mayor to contact DOT to see if a proper curbing could be installed before other improvements are made.

There being no further business Council adjourned.