On The Passing of Mrs. Rearden

I just thought I would comment on the passing of Mrs. Rearden. From different articles I have read about her, she exemplifies an OUTSTANDING American and a GREAT Lady.  The thing that caught my eye was her getting a drivers license in 1965.  My father passed in late 1978 and the following summer I paid for my mother to get her drivers license.

The words of wisdom she told her children are a shining light and if more people would live by those word our Great Nation and World would be so much better off.

Mrs. Mamie Rearden, as a Military Retiree, I Salute you for being a Great Lady and a credit to your entire Family.

Larry Klemesrud
Osage, Iowa


p.s.:  I do not know if you will publish this, but if you do here is my information and please convey my deepest sympathy to Mrs. Reardens family.  For my thoughts and prayers are with them and God Bless the ALL.