A Great Asset in Edgefield

Dear Editor:

I would like your readers to know we have a great asset in Edgefield.  Please allow me to share my story with the readership.  I have a concrete driveway and parking area.  It was painted black and had begun to crack and peel.  A local contractor, who will remain unnamed, assured me he would strip the paint, reseal and stain the concrete black.  He did this while we were out of town.  When we returned the work had been done but in a few days the black started coming up in plate size pieces.  The contractor said he would redo it while we were out of town on another trip. When we returned it was black but within a week plate size pieces started coming up again.  The drive looked like a Dalmatian.  Even though I had paid him $2400+ it did not seem practical to have him come weekly to touch up the flaking drive.  I said I wanted the existing concrete broken out and replaced with concrete with black dye. I asked him to give me a price on it but he would have to give me credit for what I had already paid him.  He presented me with a supposedly discounted price.  I also got a bid from Edgefield Asphalt and Concrete Company co-owned by Jason Amos and Scott Mims.  Their bid was less than my supposedly discounted price from the unnamed contractor.  I gave them the go ahead.  They worked 10-12 hours a day and the job was finished in four days.  I was told it would have a “picture frame” finish. I did not really understand what that would be but it is a thing of beauty.  Jason and Scott are true professionals and we are lucky to have them in Edgefield.  I would invite anyone who is thinking about concrete work or would just like to see the beauty of this professionally done job to drive by my driveway.  That would be on Brook St. between Buncombe and Church.

Frank Feltham