Four Wheelers and Lawn Mowers – Continued Targets of Theft

Four Wheelers and Lawn Mowers – Continued Targets of Theft

By Advertiser Staff –

Four wheelers and lawn mowers continue to be items of interest for thieves as evident by the many reports involving such crime filed by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office.  In just four days, from Feb. 11 to Feb. 14, four such thefts were reported.

On Feb. 11, a John Deere lawn mower was stolen from a home on Columbia Road.  That same day a riding lawn mower was reported stolen from a residence on Hwy 23 West.  The following day, a four wheeler was reported missing from Hammond Dive, and on Feb. 14, a four wheeler was reported stolen from Edgefield Road in North Augusta (but within Edgefield County).

The total estimated worth of these items alone was listed as $114,000.  However, that does not include the estimated $300 in damages or the other miscellaneous items stolen from one of the homes.  Those miscellaneous items included a skill saw, a 36 volt battery charger, and a hammer and nails, all of which was valued at approximately $395.00.

Worth noting is that in two of the instances, the items were stolen from enclosed structures; one being from a shed and the other an enclosed fence.  In the other two crimes, the items were stored under car ports.

The ECSO is actively investigating these crimes.  Anyone with information may call their office at 637-5337.