Quiet Confidence – Pinnacle Training Academy

Quiet Confidence – Pinnacle Training Academy

Pinnacle-TrainingBy Jack Reece –

Mike Lipscomb dropped by the office this week to tell me about his new business. If you haven’t met Mike you need to, it makes me think I am shaking hands with a grizzly bear each time we greet each other which, as it turns out, is obviously one prerequisite for success in his chosen profession.  So, after twenty-five years of experience Mike has decided to offer his experience and training to others making it possible for them to develop a quiet confidence in their abilities, decision-making and overall safety when defending themselves either armed or unarmed.

The Pinnacle Training Academy went hot in September of last year and has provided firearms training for more than 50 students to date.  Mike tells me that the average age of his students is 50 plus and that he gets a lot more women in his classes than men.  He has found that the driver for their seeking of the training he provides is almost always home self-defense driven.  As our conversation progressed I was struck by the number of times this trainer brought up the subject of safety and it’s bearing on the responsibility shouldered by individuals that seek the security of self-defense training.

Mike and his lovely wife Beverly call Charleston their hometown with Mike being the son of a career Air Force family and Beverly a career Navy family.  Upon completion of six years with the Air Force, as a security specialist, he chose to move his family to Edgefield County and join the ranks of the protective force at the Savannah River Site.  He also has 8 years of experience on road patrol as a law enforcement officer and five years as a ballistics technician.

Back to quiet confidence for a minute.  It strikes me that this is one of those “practice what you preach” situations.  Mike Lipscomb engaged in our conversation about self-defense eloquently expressing his viewpoint in regard to recent violent acts that have stirred the winds of gun control in this nation.  An advocate of second amendment rights he addressed the limitless potential violence in our society as a situation that requires the ability to react in order to maintain our safety in the ever churning world society.  I am satisfied that he speaks and acts with quiet confidence.

So, if you are seeking training in the safe handling of handguns and the practical application of basic unarmed self-defense give Mike a call at 803 480-5660.  Remember what I told you about his grip.