It Will Take Sacrifices to Solve America’s Debt Crisis

Dear Editor:

I will be 90 years old in June.  One of the things that really disturbs  me is the tremendous amount of debt that America is in.  I believe that this is something that all Americans should be concerned about regardless of socioeconomic background.  I am also on a fixed income, but I am willing and I feel that all of us should be willing to get our country out of debt.

It will take sacrifice out of all of us to make this happen.  I believe all of us should donate a percent of our income to relieve this debt to our country.  I know that there are those in our country smart enough to figure it out so that all of us can contribute equally to this worthy cause.,  That might be $100-$200 or more if you can afford it to relieve us of this great burden, so that we do not leave this burden on our children, children’s children and senior citizens who have already paid their dues.  All of our elected officials from the top to the bottom should freeze all pay raises for themselves for two or three terms until this debt can be resolved.  Something should be done now to help all of us in the future.  This debt is a hindrance to all Americans.

All of the money collected should be paid directly toward the debt and cannot under any circumstances be used for any other purpose.  Anyone using this money for any other purpose should receive a mandatory five or ten years sentence in prison to ensure that it is used only for the purpose that these funds are intended.

Again, it will take sacrifice from all of us to make this possible.  Our nation is too great to allow this on-going problem to continue.  Let us, all Americans, come together and do this for the betterment of our nation.  Let’s do it and do it now!  I know we can and we should.  God bless you all.


Sylvester Ramsey, Jr.