Piper Tales – A Black & White Contest For YOU!

Piper Tales – A Black & White Contest For YOU!

piperLast Week:  Bill was running out of ideas for his poem about black and white things that could go flashing past his door.  If you are in grades 3-5 you can help Bill by entering YOUR ideas in the Black & White Piper Tales™ Contest and win a prize!.

Fill out the form below and send your ideas of black and white animals and things that move (dominoes don’t count!) to Miss Penny.

The 3-5 grade student with the most correct black and white ideas will win a black and white Puppy-Bank filled with a quarter for each correct idea and have their picture in the newspaper!  Hurry!  The contest ends this Saturday, March 9th.  The winner will be announced in next week’s paper on March 13th.



The Black & White Piper Tales™ Contest


Name: ________________________________________          

Address: (street) _____________________  (town)__________________  (zip code) _______

Email: ________________________________  Phone: __________________


Print your black and white ideas here:




Mail your completed form to:


Miss Penny
P.O. Box 74
Trenton, SC  29847


Or copy the form and E-mail your ideas to:  Penny@MissPennysPlace.com


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