Red Flag Fire Alert Issued by Forestry Commission – Statewide [Updated]

Red Flag Fire Alert Issued by Forestry Commission – Statewide [Updated]

The statewide Red Flag Alert is now lifted by the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

Fire weather conditions have abated to include rain, higher relative humidity values, decreased winds, and cooler temperatures.  These conditions also alleviate some of the strain on Forestry Commission equipment and personnel.

Due to a major structure fire in Horry County, a burning ban remains in effect there until lifted by the Horry County Fire Dept.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Forestry Commission has issued a Red Flag Fire Weather Alert effective beginning Saturday for the entire state of South Carolina.

Saturday, weather conditions, which include wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour in some areas, low relative humidity, and warm temperatures, will contribute to an elevated fire danger level.  These factors will support the ignition and spread of wildfire.

A Red Flag Fire Weather Alert does not outlaw debris burning in most unincorporated jurisdictions, but it is an advisory which strongly encourages South Carolinians to postpone burning.  Nearly half of all wildfires in our state begin as escaped debris burns.

Some local ordinances do ban burning during a Forestry Commission Red Flag Alert.

The Forestry Commission issues Red Flags when weather conditions support the spread of fire, outdoor activities are expected to rise (i.e. warm weekends), and allocation of agency resources is strained.  This week, Williamsburg County suffered a nearly 400-acre wildfire which required the use of seven SCFC tractor plow fire suppression units.  SCFC’s capacity to respond to wildfire is sorely tested when these weather conditions persist on a statewide level.

This alert remains in effect until lifted by the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

Information on active forest fires in South Carolina may be viewed here: