Concealed Weapons Bill Clears Senate – Moves to House

Concealed Weapons Bill Clears Senate – Moves to House

– By Tiffani Ireland –

A bill that would extend the rights of holders of concealed weapon permits passed the SC Senate, Tuesday, Apr. 23, in a 33-5 vote.  Known as Bill S308, it seeks to allow holders of these permits to carry their concealed weapons into establishments that serve alcohol as long as said permit holders do not consume any alcohol.  The bill was amended from its original form; it now places a time limit on carriers.  Permit holders will only be allowed to carry their weapons into the defined establishments between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight.

Sen. Shane Massey, who is one of the sponsors of this bill, called its passage “a huge win.”  In speaking with The Advertiser on Friday, Apr. 26, Sen. Massey said while he was not in favor of the time limit added to the measure, he could not see it moving forward without it.

The bill has been sent to the SC House where it was introduced on Wednesday, Apr. 24.  It is now in the Judiciary Committee of the House.  While the House could make some changes before it is sent back to the Senate for final approval, Sen. Massey thinks the House will move quickly with the issue as it has gotten much interest and support across the state.

The bill still allows restaurant owners who do not wish to have concealed weapons in their establishments the right to post ‘No Concealable Weapons Allowed’ signs.  Owners also have the right to ask persons carrying such weapons to leave their establishments or to remove their weapons.

The Advertiser will continue to follow this bill as it make its way through the SC House.  To view the entire bill, visit