Domestic Dispute Ends in Death in Johnston [Updated]

A domestic dispute between a man and his common-law wife ended in the man’s death, Friday, Apr. 26.  According to Johnston Police Chief Chris Aston, who spoke with The Advertiser Friday afternoon, a call came in Friday morning at nearly 11:15 regarding a domestic dispute on Lanier Road in Johnston.

Police responded to find a black male with a gun shot wound in the chest.  The man was alive at the scene but died in route to the hospital.

A 23 year old Johnston woman has been arrested and charged with the murder of a 25 year old man.

Chief Aston was not releasing any of the specific details as to what led to this shooting other than it was considered a domestic dispute that escalated to murder.  However, Chief Aston did confirm that there have been no previous calls to this address for domestic issues in the past.

Chief Aston said there were no visible injuries to the suspect.  He further stated the firearm used in this shooting, a pistol, has been recovered and is being sent to the SC Law Enforcement Division for forensic tests.

The woman was transported without incident to the Edgefield County Detention Center.