Don’t Miss This Week’s Print Edition!

Be sure to pick up your copy of the Peach Blossom Festival Edition: 18 pages of News in the County and on the Ridge – Available Wednesday morning in boxes and stands at local convenience stores.


The First Section

• Up-to-date news of political and community happenings: Relay for Life Raised over $50,000 in spite of rain and a new leader at the waterworks, on page 1; page two brings favorite writers, including Buck and Piper; page three shows a new face on the story from England; Fox Creek and turkey bounty join in with baseball and softball on the Sports page; School News abounds on page 5; Page 6, Colorful “Who Dropped by,” including a hermit crab.

Section Two

• The story of Jean Bell of Ward and MAD MEN is unforgettable, on page two, along with a strawberry recipe; pages 3-4 will open doors to homes in the community through Community Correspondents; page 4 is THE HONOR ROLL of students in the Edgefield County School District; page 5 is a view of what may be sold on the Courthouse steps; and page six introduces artist Renata, from Brazil but now Edgefield.

The Peach Section

• A six-page spread that includes a “crash course” in Johnston History, with photos; A look at the Johnston Mural — before, now and the additions to be unveiled Sunday; The schedule for the 30th Annual Peach Blossom Festival of Johnston, and greetings from multiple businesses saluting the big day, Saturday.  And check that back page.  You’ll swell with pride that you know Johnston!

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