Re: Moore Wins State Art Contest

While Karla is to be congratulated for her artistic talent, I was horrified to read the theme of the Project Sentry Logo contest in which she along with 467 children across the state competed.  The theme, according to the article, was “Keeping guns out of the Schools.” Standing with Karla are her parents, grandparents, and Stacey Hayes, the Attorney General for South Carolina, all beaming approval of Karla and her art entry.

These 467 children, and gosh knows how many others, are obviously being indoctrinated in the slavish liberal notion that only elite government officials are deserving of defense from the occasional deranged killer.  Keep guns out of schools?  Really! Who will defend these children, their teachers and other school staff, against the possibility of such an attack? Do we so quickly forget Sandy Hook and other less recent school massacres on defenseless children and their teachers? God willing, that will never happen to these innocents, but logic tells us that it will happen again somewhere, sometime.  To indoctrinate these or any children in passive helplessness is morally wrong and contrary to the precepts of common law and our Constitution with which they will become more familiar as they mature, if they are allowed to.

Everyone has a right to self defense in every walk of life, at every age and wherever they are.  For our children, this capability must be provided by the law-abiding adults charged with their care.  A gun free zone is an open invitation to attack by the least competent psychopathic bully, safe in the knowledge that he will meet no effective opposition.

Kitty Corbett
Johnston, S.C.