Two Domestic Crimes Involving Firearms

Two domestic disturbances last week, both involving firearms, resulted in warrants being sought against two males and the recovery of one stolen pistol.  According to a report filed by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, the first incident happened at a residence on Double Creek Rd., Thurs., Apr. 11.  The report recounts how a female victim was accosted by her live-in boyfriend and forced to flee their residence after the suspect attempted to hit the victim in the face with the butt of a rifle.  However, before fleeing, the victim did, reportedly in fear of her life, pick up one of the many firearms the suspect had out lying out on a table.  The firearm was reportedly already cocked and loaded and discharge.  No injuries occurred from the weapon’s firing , however.

The victim was able to make her escape by fleeing to her father’s vehicle when he arrived at the scene after being notified by the suspect’s mother that the pair was having problems.  Both the victim and  her father stated that the suspect fired many shots after them as they were fleeing.  A small child was at the scene at the time of this incident, but the victim was able to take him with her as she made her escape.  The suspect in this case is facing charges of criminal domestic violence high and aggravated and Assault and Battery 1st Degree.

In the second incident, an ECSO report details how a verbal altercation between a man and woman at a residence on Sandy Hill Court escalated Fri., Apr. 12, to the point that the man involved pulled a pistol on the woman.  The woman fled to a bathroom in the home as she waited for deputies to arrive.

Deputies recovered from the scene a magazine containing two rounds of ammunition that matched a pistol taken from the suspect’s person.  A weapon’s check on the pistol revealed it was stolen from Richmond County.  Further investigation determined the suspect was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm due to his being on probation from possessing a firearm during a prior violent crime.  The report says deputies will seek warrants against the suspect for the crimes associated with this incident.  Charges he may face include criminal domestic violence as well as firearm and parole violations.  Alcohol may have played a factor in this crime as the report also describes the suspect as smelling heavily of alcohol, slurring his speech, and being unsteady on his feet.