Edgefield County Man Injured in Attack at First Friday Event in Augusta

An Edgefield County man and his date were injured in an attack Friday night, May 4, at an event held in Augusta, Ga.  Known as First Friday, the event has been plagued by violence, including gun shots, in the past.  This latest act of violence has left Wesley Spires, 27, of Edgefield in critical condition at a nearby hospital.  His companion at the time of the attack, 25 year old Ashley Solesbee, was reportedly treated for head and facial injuries as a result of the attack, but reports are that she has been released from the hospital.

According to Lt. Calvin Chew with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, who spoke with The Advertiser on Monday following the attacks, the crime happened on the Riverwalk where, Lt. Chew stated, two men “basically tried to rob” the victims.  Lt. Chew said the pair was approached by two males wielding clubs of some sort, possibly metal pipes or baseball bats, who demanded money.  The attackers, who are described as two black males dressed in black, beat the two victims and stole their call phones.  However, the thugs were not able to get any money from the victims.  Lt. Chew confirmed that Mr. Spires was able to drive Miss Solesbee and himself to a nearby hospital after the attack.

A relative of Mr. Spires also spoke with The Advertiser on Monday, May 6, and said a true indication of Mr. Spires’ condition will not be known until he wakes up; due to his injuries, he is being kept sedated at this time.  The family member went on to say that the family has gotten a lot of love and support from family, friends, and neighbors.  The relative asked that people keep praying for Mr. Spires and his family.

At last report, Mr. Spires condition was unchanged.  The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is investing this crime, and Lt. Chew said the RCSO does have leads it is following in an attempt to locate these attackers.  The Advertiser will continue to follow this investigation as it progresses.